Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer Blender Specifications

Fluid Bed Dryer is mainly used for fast & uniform drying of powder & granules of pharmaceutical, food & powder processing industries. It works on the principle of fluidization.

  • Available in various models ranging from 5.0 Kgs. To 250 Kgs. Batch capacity.
  • cGMP construction with SS 316 Contact parts.
  • Steam / Electrical heating mode, to suit site conditions.
  • Two piece design with pneumatic sealing for finger bag (OPTIONAL).
  • Pneumatic container sealing arrangement to meet USFDA requirements.
  • AISI 316Q product contact parts.
  • Unit available with / without HEPA filtration facility.
  • Unit available with / without CIP/WIP facility
  • Specially designed explosion flap provided for the additional safety of the equipment.
  • Specially designed retarding chamber to provide extra-large heat transfer area, exposed each and every particle of the charged batch in the fluidized air resulting in uniform and fast drying.
  • Tubular construction of container trolley mounted on PU wheels imparts rigidity to carry the product container with the charged load.
  • Pneumatic container lifting and bag shaking arrangement.
  • Intrinsically safe earthling arrangement with low voltage relay shall be provided on demand.
Description Lefbd-30 Lefbd-60 Lefbd-120 Lefbd-200 Lefbd-250
Capacity Of Dryer In Kgs At 0.6 Kg/Lt Bulk Density 30-50 50-70 120-150 200-220 250-270
Working Capacity Of Product Container In Liters 50 100 200 335 420
Total Volume Of Product Container In Ltrs 100 200 400 580 760
Blower Motor H.P. 5 H.P. 10 H.P. 15 H.P. 20 H.P. 25 H.P.
CBlower Capacity M3/Hr 1400 1800 4200 5200 7000
Heater Load 18 K.W. 36 K.W. 60 K.W.
Steam Consumption Kgs/Hr 25 Kgs 55 Kgs 110 Kgs 180 Kgs 240 Kgs