Tablet Coating Machine

Tablet Coating Machine Specifications

Lotus Engineers’ Tablet Coating Machine is a state of the art, high performance machine specifically designed for sugar coating and film coating over medicines. Being extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry, our machines are immensely appreciated by our clients.

As we are the top Coating Machine Manufacturer in the market, our equipment’s design and performance are both exceptional. It is made up of semi ellipsoidal size pan with a circular mouth which enable the user to easily load and unload the tablets. The pan is inclined at 45 Degrees to ensure smooth movement and best coating results. The speed of the pan can be adjusted with the help of a gear box. Clients can request for hot air blower system installed with the this machine. Made of out of best SS material, the Tablet Coating Machine is safe and durable.

You can trust us to be the best Coating Machine Manufacturer Ahmedabad offering different sizes and customization option in our coating machine design. We are here to offer you the best equipment at the best price.

  • Suitable For Sugar Coating, Film Coating.
  • Special Design & Shape Of Pan Gives Smooth Movement To The Tablets To Be Coated.
  • Unit Provided With Separate High Capacity Hot Air Blower System Suitable For Film Coating.
  • Flame Proof Construction Available Upon Request, At Extra Cost.
  • Available Size12",18",24",36",42",48"
Size Drive Motor Hp Rpm Hp Blower Motor H.P Blower Cfm Heater K.W.
12" 0.25 12,18,24 0.25 50-100 0.5
18" 0 .5 12,18,24 0.25 50-100 1.5
24" 1.5 18,24,36 0.5 100-200 3
36" 2 18,24,36 0.5 100-200 3
42" 2 12,16,20 1 250-300 4.5
48" 3 12,16,20 1 250-300 4.5