Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blnder Specifications

Lotus Engineers presents highly efficient Ribbon Blender, a versatile machine which is best suited for mixing dry powders and granules homogeneously. As the top Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India our equipment is extensively used in Pharma, Food and beverages, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Dyes and several other industries.

The Ribbon Blender's container is precisely designed to ensure maximum stirring and continuous mixing of the granules or powders to blend them into the desired quality. The entire equipment is built using top class Ss304/Ss316 material and permitted paints which ensure the safety of the elements being blended. The the blades of the Ribbon Blender are safely operated using a control panel which comes with its own safety features. Requiring the least maintenance, this equipment can work continuously ensuring our clients excel in their industry.

Reach out to us we are the best Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in Ahmedabad and we will offer you world class machines, unparalleled service at the price you can not find anywhere else.

  • The Shape Of Container And Mixing Stirrer Gives Sufficient Contineous Movement To The Powder / Granules Result In Good Quality.
  • All Contact Parts Are Made Out Of Ss304/Ss316 Quality Material, To Suit Customer Requirement.
  • Maximum Care Has Been Taken To Ensure Safe Operation Of The Unit.
  • Inching Facility For Ribbon To Facilitate Discharge Of Material.
  • Full Cover On Top Side Of The Trough.
  • Discharge Height Must Be Adjusted, If Confirm With Order.
  • Operating Panel Provided For Safe Operation Of Blender.
  • Centrally Located Material Discharge Valve.
  • Dust Proof Top Cover With Window Can Be Provided.
  • General Structure Completely Made Out Of Mild Steel & Painted In Standard Model & The Same Is Cladded With Ss304 In Gmp Model.
  • Safety Guards & Covers Made Out Of Ss304 In Gmp Model & Made Out Of Mild Steel In Standard Model.
  • Legs Made Out Of M.S & Painted In Standard Model & Same Will Be Cladded With Ss304 In Gmp Model.
Description Le 100 Le 200 L 300 Le 500 Le 1000
Working Capacity In Kgs. 100 Kgs. 200 Kgs. 300 Kgs. 500 Kgs. 1000 Kgs.
Working Volume In Ltrs. 200 Ltrs. 400 Ltrs. 600 Ltrs. 1000 Ltrs. 2000 Ltrs.
Gross Volume In Ltrs. 250ltrs. 500 Ltrs. 720 Ltrs. 1230 Ltrs. 2380 Ltrs.
Trough Dimensions 950 X 490 X 600 Mm Ht. 1100 X 650 X 750 Mm Ht. 1150 X 770 X 900 Mm Ht. 1225 X 960 X 1150 Mm Ht. 1560 X 1200 X 1400 Mm Ht.
Drive Motor (Hp) 2.0 Hp / 1440 Rpm 3.0 Hp / 1440 Rpm 5.0 Hp / 1440 Rpm 15 Hp / 1440 Rpm 15.0 Hp / 1440 Rpm
Discharge Size 100 Mm 150 Mm 150 Mm 200 Mm 200 Mm
Discharge Ht. 500 Mm 500 Mm 600 Mm 600 Mm 600 Mm
Trough Moc / Thickness 2 Mm/ Ss 304 2.5 Mm / Ss304 3.0 Mm / Ss 304 3.0 Mm / Ss 304 4 Mm / Ss 304
Structure Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel Mild Steel
Main Shaft Moc / Size 120 Mm 150 Mm
Inner Ribbon Moc / Size 40 X 8 Thick 50 X 8 Thick
Outer Ribbon Moc / Size 30 X 8 Thick 40 X 8 Thick
Ribbon Rpm